Do you have Mobility Equipment for Sale?

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Fill out the form, tell us what equipment you have and the price you are asking. If the price is in a range that we are willing to pay, we will contact you for more information.

What type of equipment do we buy?

  • Mobility Scooters (Pride Mobility)

  • Wheelchairs (Drive, Invacare, Karman, Medline)

  • Knee Scooters (Knee Rover)

  • Transport Chairs (Drive, Invacare, Medline)

  • Rollators (Drive, Invacare, Medline)

Will you pick up mobility equipment, that we want to give away for free?

- Yes, If you simply want the equipment to picked up and removed from your property for free, we can do that on a case by case basis.

What Condition Of Equipment Do You Buy?

  • Operational

  • Broken

How Much Do You Pay ?

  • We do not make offers on equipment, as a small business we are very busy and do not have the time to negotiate back and forth over equipment. Contact us with what equipment you have and your bottom dollar price.

Things to consider when attempting to sell mobility equipment:

  • Battery's are expensive, a piece of equipment may be worth a lot, but often times the battery is a major expense to replace.

  • Many Market places such as Facebook do not allow and often delete medical equipment listings

  • Insurance often times has paid for a portion or all of the value

  • Wholesale costs are often a little over the used market price. Due to this the purchase of the equipment must be a value for us to be interested.

  • Mobility Equipment takes a while to sell, and often times may go for months waiting for the right buyer, during this time improper battery charging on electric devices, result in lower value.

What Conditions effect selling mobility equipment?

  • Cleanliness

  • Age

  • Does it currently work?

  • Age/status of Battery

  • Are parts missing ?