Explore World's of Fun with A Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter

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6/26/20241 min read

What is Worlds of Fun?

Worlds of Fun is a leading amusement park in the Midwest, offering a variety of rides and slides across 235 acres. Over the past 50 years, it has evolved into a top entertainment destination in the region. The park covers more than 325 acres and features unique areas themed after various countries, seven roller coasters, numerous thrill rides, and a vast waterpark known as Oceans of Fun.

Where is Worlds of Fun?

What are some of the main attractions at the Worlds of Fun?

  • Worlds of Fun caters to visitors of all ages with its diverse attractions. The park's highlights include:

  • seven roller coasters

  • numerous thrill rides

  • the expansive Oceans of Fun waterpark.

  • Noteworthy rides include the Zambezi Zinger, MAMBA®, and Patriot.

  • The park also organizes special events such as KC Nights and Star-Spangled Night.

What are the accessibility features at Worlds of Fun?

Worlds of Fun is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, including guests with disabilities, can enjoy their visit. The park has implemented a program that enables guests with mobility limitations or cognitive impairments to access attractions. Each attraction's Safety Guide sign provides information on where guests can access the ride. The park also offers a wristband program, KidTrack, to help reunite groups if they get separated. Additionally, the Rider Swap feature allows one guest to enjoy a ride while another guest stays with the guest who chooses not to ride.

Worlds of Fun offers Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs for guests' convenience. Visitors to Worlds of Fun are welcome to bring their own single strollers, double-seat strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, and electric convenience vehicles (ECVs). These items are also available for rent at the Worlds of Fun Rental Center near the park's Front Gate, subject to availability. For more details, you can reach out to Worlds of Fun at (816) 454-4545. If you require a wheelchair, transport chair, mobility scooter, knee scooter, or walker for rent,and do not want to worry about Worlds of Fun wheelchairs or mobility scooters being fully booked we suggest checking out KC Mobility Scooter Rentals.

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Phone Number:(816) 454-4545

Does Worlds of Fun Rent Mobility Scooters or Wheelchairs?